MonoMailer is a mailing list manager and sender application for small to medium sized websites. It runs on native MS. NET platform and Mono for Linux.


This is my first mono GUI project, although I have done a little ASP.NET. I did this to see what was possible under mono and Linux, two technologies I would like to become more familiar with. Overall I'm very impressed with mono, but I think they still have some work to do.


There are some known issues under Linux, but overall it runs well, however the CPU does run a bit high. The worst problem is with the multiline textbox, it just doesn't work, and even crashes the program sometimes. However, I added an open and save button so you can use your favorite external text/Html editor.

To do

What I've completed so far represents about 50% percent of what I want to do with this project at this time. Basically, this is the desktop component. I want to a website server component that will manage the mailing list (joining and removal). Also, I want to add a web service that the desktop application can access to retreive the mailing list. Currently, I assume your website has a list management feature that you can export into CSV and import into the application manually.

Also, the system is not documented nor is it multilingual. Although I probably should, I don't have plans to do either at this point. Logo Powered by mono
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