What is MonoMailer?
MonoMailer is a mailing list manager and sender application for small to medium sized websites. It runs on native MS. NET platform and Mono for Linux.

Where does the name come from?
From the beginning I wanted it to run not only on the MS .NET platform, but also on the Mono .NET platform. I originally wanted to call it MonoMail, but a quick Google search showed that name already existed for something else (non computer related)

Why did you use flowers on the website and the about screen?
Why not? I needed to use something!

Where did you get the icons and flower picture used?
Gnome Art Morgue file

How much does it cost?
It is free as is speech. MonoMailer is completely free to use, to distribute and modify.

How can I help?
Link to this site and tell your friends.

How can I do more?
You could document the program

Are you accepting donations?
No but you can send them here if you insist: http://www.ccff.ca/

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